"There's a place in the heart where everything meets. Are you there now?"

-Excerpt from the Radiance Sutra 49


Welcome to Cider Hill Yoga

Cider Hill Yoga

Cider Hill Yoga came to fruition in the summer of 2010, offering a serene and inviting yoga studio, where all levels are welcome. Come and experience the inner, as well as outer, benefits of yoga in a beautiful haven of natural light, warmth, and positive energy.

Darcy infuses vinyasa yoga- the art of connecting breath to movement with mindful awareness and proper alignment, creating a balanced mind*body*spirit strengthening. She brings with her a sense of peaceful serenity, along with a well trained, intuitive knowledge of yoga.

"I discovered yoga ten years ago while pregnant with my first child. I was instantly aware of the calming effects it had on my mind, as well as, the invigoration I felt within my body. A decade and three children later, I still find peace and vigor on my yoga mat, making my life feel complete. I want to inspire my students to find their inner voice of calm that resonates within them. " -Darcy Specker, Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor Darcy Specker is registered with Yoga Alliance, and has completed more than 200 hours of training.

Visit www.yogaonyork.com for more information on instructor training.


"Cider Hill Yoga is my favorite venue on the East Coast to hold my Thai Yoga Massage workshops. The studio is spacious, with lot's of natural light, and windows that open to let in the fresh Maine breeze. These design features create an atmosphere that feels both healthy and inviting, which plays an important role in setting the appropriate tone for my events. Another aspect that I love about Cider Hill is that it is upstairs from the Brixham Cafe, a darling eatery with delicious, healthy food, and comfortable indoor/outdoor seating options. You can't beat the convenience that this combination of studio/restaurant provides for all day events. If you are considering holding an event in the York area, I highly recommend checking out Cider Hill." - Sunny

"There is a magical quality to Darcy’s classes at Cider Hill Yoga. With her unusual inward and outward grace, Darcy creates a welcoming environment where the best in every person and practice is seen and nurtured. It is such a gift to be able to develop one’s practice with Darcy in the beautiful, light-filled studio upstairs in York’s historic grange hall (now the Brixham Café). Inspirational yoga." - Susan Murray